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“The ambiguity of life exists in every creative process. In every creative process of life, a destructive trend is implied; in every integrating process of life, a disintegrating trend; in every process toward the sublime, a profanizing trend.”(Paul Tillich, Ph.D., from The Meaning of Health, 1981)

Life cannot exist without the essential possibility and existential reality of death. Life is impossible without the daily, chaotic struggle against death... against the unremitting threat of entropy and nothingness. As Tillich again informs us, “Life must risk itself daily in order to win itself, but in the risking it may lose itself. A life which does not risk death--even in the highest forms of the life of the spirit--is a life poorly lived." This willingness to risk ourselves for greater life is the key that opens the door to the wellspring of creativity deep inside of us... that wellspring of transformative vitality that propels us through the struggle of death into the richness and renewal of new life.

"Creativity is 'the elixir of life' that heals and transforms life. Through the creative process we enter that 'sacred place,' that zone of evolution where the world lights up to itself as we light up to the world. It is here, in that 'holiest of holy' places that we are reunited with the waters of the wellspring of creativity, The Source of the 'River of Life' from which all creative energy and vitality issue forth to be manifested as new life. Through every creative act, life fulfills itself. Through every creative act, we transcend the mortality of our separate ego-self of I and enter into the realm of immortality to become one with our contextual self as Thou, as a self-realized collaborator in creation. Through creativity, we are delivered from the chaos of illness into the dynamic order of new life."
(P. Donovan & Herb Joiner Bey from The Face of Consciousness, 2006)

Please join me on this courageous venture of life and "enter into the realm of immortality," the realm of dialogue and relationship by poetically sharing with this community, your struggles to live... to "nullify the unremitting recurrences of death" through the continuous recurrence of birth. Through dialogue and relationship, the Face of consciousness is seen, recognized and witnessed. It is your Face, my Face, the Face of all life, the Face of our God. Thank you, Patrick.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Relationship

His train arrives at midnight
from a town you think you know.
He told you to meet him sharp at twelve
and you know you want to go.

So you take the dress you've been saving so long
from a closet of antique clothes.
You fix your hair and you paint your eyes 
and you wonder if he knows.

It's getting late and you're anxious now
so you hurry down to the door.
And you stop a moment to think about
all the times that went before.

Then you step outside and the night is cold
but you've already shut the door.
You've already shut the door.

Woman your road is a long way from home
and the night is so cold.
If you walk it tonight you will walk it alone
and just to be bold.

You arrive at the station before his train
and it's warm but so empty inside.
So you sit on a bench of hard wood and nails
and you wonder what you've done with your pride.

Now here comes his train like a stab in the dark
and you get up and walk to the door.
And then as a face appears in the dark
you wonder if maybe there's more.

Hello! How are you? And so forth is said
from a grin you can not defend.
Like a puppet, you lean on the strings too hard
and you know that this is the end.

Then he takes your hand and he leads you down
to the tracks where you've been to before.
But it's too late now cause' his train has come
and you've already shut the door.
© p. donovan

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